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New Landscape Images

Been out in the lake district last week in all the rain. I find it can be a great time to shoot, as it can add atmosphere to the shots. It also helps when shooting waterfalls as more water is passing through them and the lower light conditions means you can achieve longer shutter speeds without using ND filters.

I use a Canon 5D MK4 for which I also drop the iso speed down to 50 giving me another stop longer shutter speed wise. All the images below were shot on the same day mostly in the rain. So its useful to have a umbella. I also use a Camera Protector Rain Sleeve, so my camera and lens stay dry.

Flowing Water

When your photographing flowing water, think about the character of it and how to convey that character in the image. The water can be the center of interest in the image, or it can serve as an element in your composition—as a diagonal or other leading line, as a horizontal line, or as a shape that complements other elements in the frame.

This image of Borrow dale mill was takem at f11 and a 5 second exposure.

Borrowdale Mill Lake District

Three tips when shooting landscapes

Landscape composition: capture foreground interest. ...

Foreground interest is something that you include in the lower third of the photo to improve the composition. In landscape photography it helps draw the viewer into the photo by creating a path that leads from foreground to the middle distance to the background.

This image of Derwent water I used the rocks to lead from the foreground to the jetty in the middle distance then finally the hills.

Derwent Water Lake District

Keep things level: straighten your horizon. ...

It’s a common fact that we as humans prefer straight levelled horizons and don’t respond well to things being off-balance.

This rule is the same when it comes to photography. Your horizon line should always be straight.

Ashness Jetty, Derwent Water Lake District

Stay in focus: keep foreground and background sharp.

Use a high f number F 11 or above to achieve the highest possible depth of field. This can be a trade off with shutter speed if your not using a tripod.

Aira Force, Ullswater Lake District

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