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Craig Barker

                                           As a photographer I like to work at the edge of light and                                                  dark, at the extremes of lighting.
                                          Having formally studied photography and graduating with a                                            an Honours Degree, I went on to work for various                                                            imaging companies.
                                          I established my own fine art photography business in 2004.  

My inspirations come from an early age, my dad used to be a Manchester black cab
driver. I would often go out with him as a child, just observing the people and architecture.
It was only later when I started working in photography that I realised what an impact
this time spent viewing Manchester from this perspective had on my work.

I don’t look for the perfect sunrise or sunset, as in music, songs that touch
us deeper have a minor chord.

“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”. - Francis Bacon

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